Profiles For Sale

Horizontal Beam with Profile Lock

Beam 16x50mm

Horisontal beams can be tailored to any size yet we have a few standard lengths. Note that the beam usually is attached to a upright pole (ALU-4 or ALU-8) with a beam-lock. The beam can be extended with rod or push-fit extender. Wall thickness is 2mm and the profile is anodized and weather proof.

125 mm
250 mm
450 mm
900 mm
940 mm
1440 mm
6000 mm

ALU-8 Aluminum Profile

ALU-8, 40×40 mm (8-sided)

Eight sided pole from where e.g. horizontal beams can connect at every 45 degree angel. Pole can be fitted with M10 thread in one or both ends. Can be extended with rod. Wall thickness is 2mm and the profile is anodized and weather proof. Can be threaded with M10 in one or both ends.

500 mm
1000 mm
1250 mm
5000 mm


ALU-4, 40×40 mm (4-sided)

Four sided off-set aluminum profile pole that has different usage depending on way used. The sides has 3, 2, 2 and 1 tracks for fastening of beams and extras. As e.g. feet on a counter the profile can be turned so that the feet are ”built in” or ”outside” the square counter top square. You can also build straight surfaces or straight lines (walls) where the pole is bulbing out. All sides always has the center track. Can be threaded with M10 in one or both ends.

500 mm
1000 mm
1250 mm
5000 mm

Round TUBE aluminum profile

TUBE 30mm

Round aluminum tubes. Usually connected with our glass reinforced plastic junctions. Can be extended with TUBE Connector. 30mm diameter tube for very light weight frames and constructions. Can be equipped with M10 size threaded plug in one or both ends.

500 mm
940 mm
1250 mm
1440 mm
2440 mm
3000 mm
6000 mm

TUBE aluminum pipe junction

TUBE 30 mm Junctions

The aluminum pipe constructions are locked together with 2, 3 or 4 way junctions. Just press in the TUBE ends and usually there is a banner locking them toghether. The fully weather proof, glass enforced plastic junctions can also be attached with a metal screw to the pipe.

1 way tip with hole
1 way TUBE foot tip
2 way pipe connector 180 degree
2 way corner 90 degree
2 way little T
2 way big T
3 way corner 90 degree
3 way pyramide junction

Foot for aluminum profile construction

Foot (or castor) Options

There is a range of different feet from weight to castors to even floating feet.

Round Foot 400 mm, powder coated black steel
Square Foot 400 mm, galvanized steel
Slim Foot Alu 40×500 mm M10 holes
Slim Foot Alu 40×500 mm M4 double holes
Adjustable foot 40mm M10
Castor M10 70 mm wheel
TUBE Foot 500 mm
TUBE Foot 940 mm (Outdoor)
Tank Foot with water 10l.
Screw Foot for grass and snow (TUBE)

Shelfs, holders, leaflet pockets, screens, boards for your stand

Add Ons

We tailor any kind of add on for your stand. Fastening systems for both ALU rails and TUBE. Just ask!

Black powder coated color upright pole

Powder Coated Black

Both ALU poles can be purchased in power coated black. Often used for MultiStand floor standing equipment.

1250 mm


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